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Psychotherapy, Depression Treatment, Couples Therapy | Bakersfield, CA

Elizabeth Deeths is a licensed marriage and family therapist providing psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis services, enlisting proven clinical techniques including hypnosis & psychotherapy since 2004 along with five additional years in the medical field. She provides a variety of services including marriage counseling, family therapy, hypnotherapy services and anger management.

Are the relationships in your life suffering due to depression, anxiety, pain, anger, past trauma or addictions? Do you feel alone and like no one understands? Do you want more for yourself, but just don’t quite know how to get there?

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy may be the answer for you. Let me help you explore the abundant inner resources that you already have. Let’s begin the journey of healing from the inside out.

My passion lies in helping individuals and the families of those individuals who suffer from chronic and terminal illnesses. I believe that no matter life circumstances that everyone can lead a happy, fulfilling life. I look forward to discussing with you how I can help you to begin your journey of healing from the inside out, please call me for your free phone consultation.

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